May 25, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you for a wonderful three days! It was a delight to serve for a full week, and working behind a crammed space was quite tricky. Nonetheless, enjoyable! Look out for us in the near future! 
Once again- thank you!

May 16, 2011

Café Completed!

We have completed our café! (Sorry for the bad photo quality) Today we unveiled our window and finished hanging up our artwork! By tomorrow, it will be a full-functioning café with desserts, drinks, and more! The whole thing turned out the way we wanted it too, and we will promise to take more pictures of the art show opening! We look forward to seeing you guys for the next three days! Thank you for following us on our journey while making our ideal installation! 

May 14, 2011

One Day to Go!

We've been working extremely hard on finishing final touches, hanging art work, the chandelier, and getting appliances in order. We've already served some bagels and hot chocolate to our friends and teachers!  Everything looks to be on schedule for opening night Monday! We look forward to serving you! Please swing by to view our artwork!


We've been searching for plain white paper cups for sometime now, and who would of thought that we would end up getting them from the school's cafeteria?! They suit our cafe perfectly and will look great with our logo!

May 11, 2011


We finished the over-hang on the window today. We love the clean look of our stenciled logo! As the details come together, curiousity grows, making the real challenge keeping the final product a surprise! People just keep peeping in! And it is's true! Surprises are better! We've just got shelving to put up and our artwork! 

Café Interior (To Date)

We are really exicted about our progress! The side counter is in place, along with the seating and our main counter. Everything has been freshly painted. Placing the trim around our chalkboard was slightly tricky, since it was slightly warped. Now we just need to start on those finishing touches!

Moving Day!

Monday went almost flawlessly, we were able to (with the help of our parents) put up the walls in just about one hour, and install the window and door. And it's true! We rented a U-Haul to move all of this stuff. It wasn't easy. (Thanks Sam Damakis for helping!)

May 08, 2011

Ready To Go!

Moving day is tomorrow! Everything thing is set to be loaded into the rental truck first thing in the morning.

Front Counter

We're really happy with the final product of our counter, the stain and the moulding adds a nice touch.


This black over-hang with the addition of our logo painted across it will add a nice touch to our cafes exterior.

Perfect Cafe Table

We found this table base at a recycled hotel furniture store. We had to cut, sand and stain the top and now it's ready to go!

Walls are coming together

Many thanks to Caitlyn's Uncle and Mom for building us these incredibly professional walls! Now we just have to put them all together!

May 03, 2011

Working... Hard

Priming the walls. We've got a week and some-odd days.

April 26, 2011

The Counter! Part 2

We added our counter and the panels! This will be painted white and trims will be added too!

Lenny behind the counter.

Caitlyn behind the counter with our sign! Things are coming along!... Slowly.

April 22, 2011

The Start of Our Counters!

Today, was a busy day! We started cutting wood for our counter and decided that we might as well put it together. This is the side counter.

This is what you will see once you walk through the doors.
    We have yet to start the actual building of our walls. We realized how much work is to be done in such little time (2 weeks)! It has been a challenging experience so far, but we believe that it will pay off in the end. Tomorrow, we are going to complete the counters with panelling and we are building shelves in the counter! For the countertops, we are going to find a butcher's block. We will post more pictures soon- hopefully when the weather gets better. 

April 16, 2011

The Plans

We drew up these plans of the front, layout and support beams to get a better idea of how the cafe will come together.

April 15, 2011

Aged Chairs

We love these aged chairs, at $5 dollars each. We can begin to see our desired look coming together!

Neglected Chandelier

With a coat of white paint and some tall candles, this chandelier will be a nice addition to the cafe.

Front Door

You can't beat free! We picked up this door on the side of the road. With a fresh coat of paint and a  knob, it will work nicely as our front door.

Distressed Wood

We found this great plank of wood for only $2! It had potential, but needed some touching up. We took some time to distress the wood and are quite pleased with the outcome! Perfect for our window counter!